Vincent Castel

  • Vincent Castel is currently working as Chief Country Economist at the African Development Bank for the Regional Department in Charge of North Africa and currently based in Morocco. In this capacity and previously as Principal Coordinator for Tunisia and Libya and Regional Economist for the North Africa Region he led the conceptualization of AfDB’s intervention strategies for Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt in the aftermath the Arab Spring (For an overall portfolio of 10 Billion USD). In particular he nurtured the dialogue on reforms in the region (focusing on inclusive growth and economic transformation) through analytical work and the formulation and implementation of Policy based and budget support operations, technical assistances, investment projects and.

    He previously worked within the AfDB as Country Economist for Egypt and supported the formulation of AfDB’s high level and technical response to the Financial and Food Crises between 2007 and 2010.

    Vincent Castel has also work for the Food and Agriculture Organization and bilateral agencies on the economic transformation and green growth agenda of several Asian, African and Latin American economies.